Dog Meat Festival

Saturday, August 01, 2015 12:30 AM | Bob Self (Administrator)

I’m guessing by now that most canine enthusiasts are aware of the heinous Dog Meat Festival held in Yulin China.  We want to add our voice to the thousands of others protesting this barbaric act.  Describing such an event as a festival is incomprehensible and we abhor this inhumane treatment of our beloved companions.

It would be easy to point our finger at all Chinese citizens but not all of them approve of this behavior.  One lady by the name of Du Yufeng is doing what she can to rescue as many dog and cats from the event as possible.  Du Yufeng has set up a shelter for these animals but it is costly for her to care for so many.  Please consider donating to her cause by visiting Note that much of the information on this website is difficult to view!  No doubt it will require the efforts of many sources to avert this appalling tradition but we applaud Du Yufeng for her actions in saving the animals she can.

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