Happy New Year, Kaitlyn, Field Editor

Sunday, January 01, 2017 12:30 AM | Bob Self (Administrator)

Happy New Year

We would like to welcome all of our new subscribers who participated in our holiday subscription drive.  As well we want to wish all of our readers a happy and prosperous new year.  Several members took advantage of our discounted gift subscription offer and we would like to express an extra special appreciation for your kind and generous support.  Your thoughtfulness supports the entire sport of obedience.  Thank you!

Kaitlyn & Poirot

I was fortunate to be able to judge at the Crown Classic Show in Cleveland last month.  As a judge one never knows what they will encounter when  attending an event.  Most times these events turn out to be exceptional pleasures creating lifelong memories.  One of these incidents happened to me when I met Kaitlyn Johnson, a young exhibitor participating at these trials.

To me Kaitlyn represents the exact kind of individual we need in this sport.  She demonstrated an enthusiastic interest in our sport and a strong desire to participate to her best ability.  Not only was this evident but I was so impressed to learn that she decided to bump up to a higher level class and give it a shot.  A lot of experienced exhibitors don’t display this kind of zealous attitude.

Katilyn inspired me because it proves that there are people out there who find obedience attractive and worthwhile.  With all of the talk about depressing numbers in our sport, pointless changes to the regulations, meaningless classes attempting to boost entries, and a whole host of other problems; the potential for increase in obedience does exist.  They are out there folks!  The question is, can we inspire them to stay?  

The focus of obedience should not be on changes to exercises, standardizing judging, and imitation classes.  There is really nothing wrong with traditional obedience and attempts to fix what wasn’t broke hasn’t and won’t provide increase to this sport!  Obedience needs a more progressive attitude in supporting the people that sustain this sport.  The emphasis should be on the exhibitors not the entries.

Obedience can quickly become rigid and mechanical.  This doesn’t readily present a picture of attractiveness to many and adding more administrative overhead only increases the problem.  It’s about time we start to emphasize the attractiveness, kinship, and fun obedience offers.

Recognition Field Editors Wanted

I was recently asked why we no longer publish a correspondent’s section in F&F and I promised to report on this.  With advances in faster communication nowadays periodicals have had to make significant changes to the content they publish.  Today in obedience most trial announcements are online before the show is even over.  In short it would be impossible for us to publish trial news that wasn’t already outdated.  

We do encourage submissions about worthy individuals and groups in our sport but perhaps we can do a better job?  Many supporters perform impressive feats and discharge hours of dedicated service yet these contributions go unrecognized.  Many enterprising clubs and schools that have earned accomplishments and promote ideas that we could all learn from.  Again, many of these stories go untold, and certainly so on a national level..

We are currently looking for someone that would be interested in becoming a field editor for submissions of recognition.  In short the duties would be to help us locate individuals and clubs to highlight, request and schedule submissions, proof the results and submit them to us for publication.  If interested please email me at dogs@frontandfinish.com and we’ll work out the details.  We like simple and don’t want this to be a burden but we do need an individual who has the inclination to do it well.

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