New Subscription Option, Ratings

Wednesday, March 01, 2017 12:30 AM | Bob Self (Administrator)

Happy St. Pat's Day!

Sometimes I wonder about owners who impart human characteristics onto their dogs but I gotta concede this picture's a hoot.

New Subscription Option

I received several questions about the planned lower cost subscription option mentioned in my last column.  We are still working on it but don't want to unveil it until we've posted enough content on for subscribers to get started.  It shouldn't be much long now and we'll notify all F&F friends when it is available.  As indicated in the last issue, the new option will be much more affordable while giving subscribers access to the same content we publish in the magazine.  And YES... the ratings will be included as well!  We sincerely feel that most will like it because it will be easier to navigate and read, especially on smartphones!


I am delighted to bring the fancy our first report in this issue.  This year we are starting with the Open A Ratings which you'll find later in this issue.

For those who don't realize, quite a bit of work goes into the publication of our rating system data.  A few individuals who work behind the scenes to make our reports possible don't get the recognition they deserve.  Their efforts are deeply appreciated!

Rob Garrett works for the AKC's technology department and has been our go to guy to provide the raw data we need to tabulate the rating results.  Rob has always been extremely prompt and responsive in meeting our requests for this information.  Many years ago volunteers maintained these records manually and it required untold hours of work to tabulate the findings.  Later we hired secretaries to manually enter the data into a computer system to tabulate the results.    Rob's efforts in providing this material has saved us much of the manual work that was so time consuming and error prone.  Rob recognizes how important this information is to the fancy and he has always been highly attentive in providing accurate data for us to tabulate.  Thank you Rob!

Dave Pluth is another marvel supporting our rating reports.  Dave provides the tabulated results out of the goodness of his heart.  I envy his adept skills in designing the data system that calculates and sorts the data for us to publish.  With Dave's "techie talents" I'd expect him to be kind of a geeky character.  Working with him the past two years had made me realize what a kind hearted "normal" fellow he is.  Always responsive to help and enjoyable to communicate with, we owe Dave a heartfelt "Thank You"!

Nancy Speed will probably kill me for including her here but she's a deserving lady entitled to recognition!  The data we receive doesn't provide complete owner or contact information so it can be difficult to know exactly who the handlers are, or how to get ahold of them.  Nancy has led the pack in extending a helping hand anytime we've asked for help.  In genuine kindness to support the sport, and with concern helping handlers receive the recognition they deserve, I know Nancy has spent considerable time hunting these individuals down.  I suspect she has FBI connections somewhere because she has yet to fail!  Asking nothing in return Nancy does this to help all of us.  What a gem!  

By the way... 
Nancy & I have had a hoot watching April's delivery on the Internet.  Thanks for being my video pal!

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