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Wednesday, February 01, 2017 12:30 AM | Bob Self (Administrator)

Dogs & Cats
Do you know what the difference is between dogs & cats?   A dog thinks, “Wow, the humans are bringing me food every day, they let me live in a nice house away from the cold, they take care of my every need… They must be gods!”
The cat thinks, “Wow, the humans bring me food every day, they have me live in a nice house away from the cold, they take care of my every need… I must be God!”

Velma Janek
The sport of dogs has lost one of the greatest dog trainers, competitors, and judges of all time.  In early January Velma Janek passed away peacefully.  Velma enjoyed a number of hobbies but you could always count on a dog being close by.  In our circles she was always known as a keen supporter of obedience and countless exhibitors benefited from her experience which she conveyed through personal assistance and seminars.  We are deeply saddened to lose this fine lady of our  sport.

New Subscription Service
We have been working behind the scenes on an additional subscription service to offer subscribers at a much lower cost.  We are happy to announce that this additional subscription option will become available this February.  We will send email notices and include posts on our social media Facebook & Twitter accounts when everything is ready.

To the point, the new “Website Subscriptions” will give exhibitors access to the same content we publish through our magazine “Issue Subscriptions”.  But instead of accessing PDF issue files, website subscribers will receive their articles directly on our website.  Subscribers will be able to view material by author as well as search by topic of interest.  Searches will run across all content on the website so you’ll be able to find needed info much easier than hunting issue-by-issue (as is needed now).
A second advantage to the website format is that we will be able to post current material much faster than we can with monthly issue releases.  Some of this information will be available to website subscribers before it appears in our regular issues.

There are advantages to both types of accounts so we will be piloting the new format for a year to see how everyone likes it.  For now we’re taking it step-by-step but other ergonomic benefits will be forthcoming in future months.  We understand the new format won’t satisfy everybody’s taste but we hope everyone will give it a look.  While we are getting up to speed on this we’re offering an introductory price for Website Subscribers at only $12.75 a year.  That’s about a buck a month and over twenty-two dollars less than our digital issue cost!  Those wishing to opt for Issue Subscriptions, and all current subscribers will receive the Website Subscription service at no extra charge.

Stone City Trial
At the beginning of the year I was fortunate to be able to judge the Stone City Kennel Club Trial.  They had a neat idea that I seen a couple of time but wonder why more clubs don’t do this to make things a bit friendlier for exhibitors.  Stone City offered an “NQ Raffle”.  Those who ND’d were able to put their names in to win a prize.  What an easy idea to make our sport friendlier for those who had a bit of misfortune in the ring.  If you have other ideas please let me know and I’ll be sure to post your thoughts as well.

Facebook Group Moderator
A few subscribers have asked why we aren’t maintaining a FaceBook group for F&F anymore.  We did in the past but lost our moderator so it was discontinued.  We’d be happy to resurrect the F&F group again if one or two individuals would be willing to act as moderators.  The moderator would need to check in to the group on a regular basis to accept new members and help maintain order.  If interested just contact me at and we’ll work out any details to make the experience efficient and enjoyable for all.  If you’re willing to help out we’ll include a free subscription and advertising for any events/services you want to promote.

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