Obedience Geezers

Friday, April 01, 2016 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

I have often heard naysayers remark that Competition Obedience is on its way out.  “Just look!” they exclaim.  “Look at all of the old people in the sport.  It’s only a matter of time before the sport takes its last breath.”

Harumpf!    What’s wrong with old people?  More specifically, what’s wrong with old people having a good time?  Do the naysayers expect us to pack it up, purchase our walkers and move into a “home?”

Zeal & Me

Competition Obedience is a vibrant sport because it is dominated by geezers.  We know that the clock is ticking.  We need to get out and do everything with gusto.  Obedience training keeps us active, our minds alert and our problem solving abilities in tip top shape. 

We bond with our dogs and we bond with each other.  We look forward to each trial.  I addition to competing and eating humble pie (not everyone can come in first), we socialize, share war stories, talk about the latest events, critique movies and recommend books.  I have many friends that I would have never met if it hadn’t been for the Competition Obedience world.

When I hear someone rant about us oldsters in Obedience, I think ‘Your day is coming too, buddy.  It’s only a matter of time.  Soon you’ll throw away those pre and post agility trial painkillers along with your knee braces.  We will welcome you into the sport of Competition Obedience with open arms.  We will teach you how to live life to its fullest.’

Obedience Geezers Rule!  

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