August Was Not a Good Month!

Tuesday, November 01, 2016 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Written by Marilyn Miller

On August 11th we woke up to Luckee crying in the kitchen at 4 am. I rushed to him and he could not move his legs. Maybe his crying was because of pain or maybe fear. It looked like he had a stroke. Glenn and I tried to make him comfortable: put his favorite blanket under his head and wrapped him in it. Glenn and I took turns with him on the floor, talking to him and petting him. We left two messages at our vet's office. They called back at 8 am. and told us to bring Luckee in at 9 to be put to sleep. We knew there was nothing to be done for our best boy. He had turned 16 years on June 17th and had been declining the last several months. I sat on the couch with Luckee, telling him what a good boy he was and how much Glenn and I loved him. He seemed content to have me hold him and his crying stopped.

Luckee was the last surviving Lhasa in our last litter of 7. He was the last of our "Moonpye" line and one of our best dogs ever. He was a very even-tempered sweet boy. He knew he was special to me  and never took  his eyes off me. We had a very special bond. Luckee earned his Companion Dog title at the ALAC National Speciality in  Massachusetts in 2002. He and his litter mate, Mandi Ming earned first place in Brace at this Speciality. Luckee also had a Canine Good Citizenship title, a Therapy Dog title and was the first Lhasa to earn the RAE title and with a First Place out of 9 other breeds in August ' 09.  He was a happy boy, always on the lookout for rabbits in our yard. His tail never stopped wagging. We were very fortunate to have had Luckee as long as we did. He is greatly missed !

On August 29th I was at the exercise gym I had been going to for 4 years. This was my last day. I was not planning to renew my membership. I was using a Bungee Exercise Cord with handles doing stand up rows. The Bungee cord was secured around a piece of stationary equipment. The cord snapped out of the right handle sending me flying backward. I landed on my left wrist, then twisted onto  my back which also caused pain. I was right in thinking the wrist was probably broken. The owner of the exercise studio drove me home in my car. My Husband took me immediately to an Urgent Care center where x-rays were taken which showed my wrist was broken and my back strained. The doctor sent me to  nearby Exeter Hospital to see an orthopedic surgeon. After seeing my x-rays she strongly recommended surgery as my wrist was not just broken it was crushed. Four days later, on Sept. 2ed,  I had surgery on my left wrist. Nine screws and a Titanium plate were put in to hold it together. I had a soft cast up to  my elbow for two weeks followed by a shorter velcro cast that I can remove when doing my therapy exercises and bathing.

I began physical and occupational therapy twice a week for both the wrist and my back with  lots of exercises to do at home also. Little Blaze wants to help me. I have to be real careful she does not jump on my arm in her puppy exuberance! We missed our dog training classes for a month.  I did manage  to work with her almost every day either on our back deck or in the house. Besides Novice Obedience training we covered most of the exercises through Rally Advanced. When I did go back to my first class, Glenn went with me as I cannot lift Blaze in and out of the car. It is going to be quite awhile before I can do that. Blaze lets me know when she wants to work. She gets into  mischief when she is bored and may shred a paper napkin or rip  the  back off the remote control when she wants attention. One morning she got hold of my velcro cast and was gleefully running around the living room with it.

A lot of things are difficult using one hand such as putting a leash on a squirming pup. Holding the leash in the left hand or giving treats with the left hand in class are impossible until I get some mobility back. Brushing her is difficult and trying to get a mat out with one hand is impossible. I couldn't send an  article in for last month's issue as I was only typing with one hand. At least now I can type with the left hand also. This week Blaze and I are both taking a training break as she was spayed a few days ago. She hates the physical restrictions and most of all the E Collar. (She can lick the incision with the soft round collar so that won't do.) We are both looking forward to getting back to regular classes and some serious training soon. Hopefully entering some shows in the Spring.

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