Breeder, Andus, & I Had a Long Conversation

Tuesday, March 01, 2016 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Written by Marilyn Miller

Our news paper is not delivered on Saturdays, so some weeks I buy a Boston Herald for Glenn. In the Jan. 2ed paper there was an add for 2 dog breeds. One was for Cane Corso puppies and the other was for 2 female Lhasa Apso puppies. Glenn showed me the add which surprised me as we had decided not to look for a puppy at this time. He just left the add out the next day when he went to a gun range with a neighbor. Of course he knew I would call the number which was in Quincy, Mass.

 The Breeder, Andus, and I had a long conversation. He had been breeding Lhasas for thirty years. I told him we had done some breeding ourselves and had owned the breed for almost as long. Also that I had earned many Obedience and Rally titles on my Lhasas. He agreed to let us have one of the females. I could choose between the "laid-back" snuggler or the extremely active litter mate. We chose the active puppy in case I want to train her for obedience competition. Andus called me three times every day that week. I was getting nervous because I felt that he was torn about selling her. We agreed to meet on January 9th at the Square 1 Mall in Saugus, Mass. in the kitchen department of the Sears store. Andus had a blue tote bag with him and out came the most adorable little puppy. She is grizzle in color with a dark face but should lighten up. She also has a "blaze" of white hair across her shoulders. The puppy was two months old. Andus gave me papers from his vet on the puppy's check up. Also information on what he had been feeding her her, how much she weighed (4.2 lbs.) and when to take her to our vet. He was adament that she not be given any shots until she was at least 5 lbs.

 We tucked the puppy in the Sherpa bag and headed for home. Andus had warned us that she liked to play in her water bowl and knock it over. That would be fine outside in the Summer, but not in the house on a hardwood floor. The first thing Glenn did when we got home was put her in the exercise pen he had set up in our living area and trained her to use the rabbit bottle he had attatched to the pen. Within five minutes she was drinking out of the bottle. Andus had told us she was a very smart little dog. Her presence took Luckee by surprise! He kept his distance, not wanting anything to do with the intruder in his home. He would not even set foot into her half of the living room for the first couple of weeks.

 Choosing a name took us awhile. We had to get just the right one. We decided on BLAZE, as it represents both the blaze of white across her shoulders and her very vivacious personality . It is also a good call name. Six days after bringing Blaze home she weighed 5.6 lbs. and was able to have her first set of shots. Everyone who worked for the vet came out to meet and fuss over her. I want her to be handled by as many different people as possible. The technician cut her toe nails and said how good Blaze  was for the first time. We had been feeling her toes and pads a lot to get her used to it.

 Blaze is good at entertaining herself. She loves to race around our large back deck (which is enclosed by exercise pens). She has balls and rope toys out there to play with. In the house she plays with toys, old socks, nylabones, and newspaper in her ex pen. She also loves chewing on the metal gates.We have gotten her used to wearing a harness and having a leash attatched to it. She needs to be larger before she wears a collar. Her neck needs to be stronger. We are trying to socialize her as much as possible. We have had many people come over to see Blaze and play with her. Both men and women. Everyone who has come to meet her has brought a gift: either puppy treats, a new leash, or some kind of toy. Well, she is a new baby.

 One day this week I took Blaze to meet my exercise instructor and the two owners of the studio. Eric had bought a toy for Blaze and the three adults got down on the floor and played with the puppy for a half hour. She loves all the attention. The next day she went to our hair dresser and Jessica was on the floor with Blaze also. A couple of other people having their hair done wanted to pet Blaze. The one thing we need to work on is riding in a car. The couple of times she has been in the crate in the back of my wagon she has cried.

 Luckee is interested in her. We do not let them physically get together as she is way too busy and too little to be in his face. After all Luckee is 15 and a half years old. I don't want him tormented. However, he gets closer to me all the time when Blaze is on the couch with me. He checks out her pen when she is not in it. This is good as it gives Luckee something to think about. He also knows he is not the only dog in the house when Glenn and I are out at the same time. Hopefully when Blaze matures a little she and Luckee will become good friends. It is all about baby steps. Five weeks ago I would never have dreamed I would have a puppy. Sometimes good things just happen.

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