Should We Get Another Dog?

Sunday, November 01, 2015 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Written by Marilyn Miller

When I rescued Moonpye's Matt Dillon over 12 years ago I was able to get his pedigree. One name jumped out at me and that was "CH Light Up Red's Alert" the #1 producer of Lhasa Apso Champions. Dillon was four months when he came home with me. He had missed his important socialization period.

Dillon was the only Lhasa we have had that liked water. As a puppy he splashed around in the large water dish. Then he graduated to a child's pool in the backyard. He never minded a bath. His favorite toy (for 12 years)  were two tennis balls on a rope. Dillon had a very stubborn streak as some Lhasas do. On occasion I would call him to come in and he would stand several feet away and stare at me. He would not come for the word "cookie" but when I called "brush - comb" he came flying in the house. Of course, then I had to brush him as it is never nice to lie to a "puppy".

Dillon loved his morning walks. He would let me know which direction he wanted to go. Either "down your street" or "around the circle" ? He would lead me in either direction. He liked to share bananas with me, lick the inside of a tuna can, and he was a great couch snuggler. He was very good at playing "hide the cookie" and the "find it" game. He would give me his paw when I asked for it. He could not wait for me to go to bed so he and Glenn could play with his toys. That was a special time for them both.

Dillon earned his CGC title at a young age and Rally Excellent title on Sept. 26' 11. He was always good with the other dogs in his classes.

Dillon died Sept. 27' 11. Two days before he refused his food and his walk. The vet's xray and ultra sound showed a massive tumor on his spleen which was leaking blood into his stomach. Our vet said "if we chose surgery (and Dillon survived) he would only live another 3-6 months at most."

Now Moonpye's Luckee Fella, CD, CGC, Th'd, RAE (the first Lhasa to earn the RAE title) is the only Lhasa left in the house. Luckee is 15 years and has never been the only dog. He has never been home alone before when Glenn and I are both out.

Dillon and Luckee got along great for nine years, then something happened. We don't know what and there after they had to be separated at all times. Even though they did not get along, Luckee knew there was another dog present in the house. We give Luckee as much extra attention as we can. He also has more freedom to roam the house. Luckee spends a lot of time in Dillon's house (crate) which he could do when Dillon was on the couch with me. The gates are down and Luckee now has freedom of the kitchen and family room at night. Glenn put a special nite light in for him and he has two "houses" to choose from, or he can just sleep on the floor. He has access to water and a snuggly bed in there also. Luckee spends more time with me in my computer room. He gets treats there and knows he has my undevided attention. He seems happier and sleeps longer in the mornings.

Luckee no longer cares for walks, so to make sure he gets enough exercise, I walk him around our large backyard, using a cookie as a lure. I don't want his legs to stiffen up. I also do some obedience and rally exercises with him on our back deck. He likes that a lot.

Glenn mentioned getting a female to keep Luckee company and take his mind off being the only dog in the house. When we moved to NH seven years ago we had seven Lhasas. Luckee lost his litter mate, Moonpye's Mandi Ming, CD, CGC, RAE (the 3rd Lhasa to earn the RAE title) last December.

After thinking about getting another dog I decided against it. I want Luckee to have all my attention for the first time in 15 years. He achieved everything I wanted him to do and that is the least I can do for him. The answer to the question is : "There will be no other dogs at this time".

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