Front & Finish® 2015 Rally Combined Ratings

Sunday, March 01, 2015 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

First Above All Others
Marcia Dawson & Standard Schnauzer
CH Oakwood Thousand Memories UDX OM2

His registered name is Oakwood Thousand Memories and his call name is Kylan.  My dog names had always been after composers: Maestro Copland, Maestro Mozart and Maestro Bernstein.  He was to be named Maestro Bach with a call name of Sebastian.  But when a month after he was born my Dad passed away, all name plans changed.  My Dad had been quite an athlete and was called “Lanky” by all his sports friends.  I couldn’t call this breed dog “Lan-ky” so turned it around to “Ky-lan.”  Oakwood from the kennel who bred him and Thousand Memories from the many, many wonderful years spent at my parents’ summer home in the Thousand Islands in New York State.  It was because of my Dad and his love of dogs that he trained and hunted with that I came to love them, too.  

Kylan was shown in Rally to help us in the obedience ring.  He tends to get very distracted and doesn’t settle down to the building until the second day.  I’d thought that showing him in Rally, which often precedes his obedience turn, would help his attention issue because I could talk to him and remind him of his responsibility.  But along the way I came to really enjoy the competitors, the judges and the challenge of the Rally courses and continued on long past my original plan.

I need to thank Linda McConnell (Oakwood Kennel) for selling me this incredibly funny, talented, smart, loyal, affectionate, personable and beautiful boy.  A well-bred Standard Schnauzer can do it all and Kylan exemplifies that with titles in breed, obedience, Rally, agility, herding, Barnhunt and therapy.  In our spare time Kylan is a therapy dog at the Veteran’s Hospital in Albany, NY, which is the only place where I call him “Lanky” in honor of my Dad who was a WWII veteran.  

Thank you Front & Finish for this recognition.  My first competition dog, a Miniature Schnauzer named Maestro Copland, won a Novice A class and was awarded a subscription to your magazine and I’ve never missed an issue since. 

Top Four All Breed Contenders

 Rank  Dog Name  Breed  Owner  Points

CH Oakwood Thousand Memories UDX OM2 BN GN VER RAE3 AX AXJ OF THDN RATN

Standard Schnauzer

M Dawson   669

Chindi's Schoner Von Delmar CDX RAE11 CGC

German Shorthaired Pointer

L Hausch


Jantra Van De Duvetorre CD PCD BN RAE CGC

Belgian Malinois

T Kolnsberg


CH Bertschire's Real Mccoy PCDX BN RAE11 TD DS

Flat-Coated Retriever

B Griffin/
A Holsinger/

R Mortonr


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