Front & Finish® 2016 Open A Ratings

Wednesday, March 01, 2017 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Front & Finish® 2016 Open A Ratings

Eldorado's Magnum P. I. CDX BN GN GO RN TD ACT1
, Flynn, will be three in June.  In his short life he has gotten me through some tough times and has been the light of my life.  Flynn finished his CDX  in three straight trials and three straight wins!!  (197.5; 198; 195.5)  

He continues to amaze me with his work ethic, enthusiasm and sheer joy for life.  He loves to train, which is great 'cause so do I...but he also has an off switch which is equally as important, 'cause so do I!  No matter what I ask him to do, he's willing to give it a try and to do his best!  

At the Clarion trail 2015, he tied in Novice with a 198, and won the run off to win the Novice class... Then had to run off later that day for HIT against Fred Hulme's Cooper, (one of the top, if not the number 1, obedience Golden's in the country at that time).  To my disbelief, he won the head to head run off!  What a thrill!  But what really impressed me is that he was as enthusiastic and comfortable with the last run as he was for the first one which is great for a green dog!

He earned his tracking title at the Golden National in October of 2015.  But I wondered , was it just a fluke?  I x also entered him in the Golden Triangle tracking test, as a backup and since the test didn't fill, I decided to run him again.  And again, he passed.  This track was significantly more difficult.  The first leg was 200 yards straight up a hill, right over a ground hog hole... he nailed it!  

Our journey has just begun, Flynn and I are looking forward to having lots of fun throughout his career.  I have so many people to thank for our success.  Chris Browning for breeding such a wonderful dog and entrusting him to me.   Gayle Geiger who mentored and encouraged us through tracking.  While Fred Hulme has never worked with Flynn he taught me the basics and provided a good foundation for our  obedience training.  Ted Walshesky, also has never worked with Flynn, but  has offered innovative training advise to help us over problem areas.   And Rick Hood has worked tirelessly week in and week out to help us bring out our  best.  Thank you all.    

~Peggy Bowers

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