Front & Finish® 2016 Delaney Obedience Rating System

Saturday, April 01, 2017 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Front & Finish® 2016 Delaney Ratings

OTCH Sunfire’s What’s On Tap UDX19 OGM GN GO & Lynn Heidinger

"Tapper is a very special dog and I’m sure Joe is smiling down.”    ~ Lynn

Top Four All Breed Contenders

 Rank  Dog Name  Breed  Owner  Points
 1 OTCH Sunfire's What's On Tap UDX19 OGM GN GO Golden Retriever Joe Heidinger/
Lynn Heidinger 
 2 OTCH Goldenloch Lay Down Your Bets UDX26 OGM RN Golden Retriever

Peggy Mcconnell


OTCH High Times Uncharted Waters UDX15 OGM GN RA

Golden Retriever

Kathleen Rasinowich-Platt


OTCH Tanbark's Honey Of A Cheesehead UDX24 OGM GN VER RE

Golden Retriever

J Thomas/
B Riemer


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