Front & Finish® 2017 Rally Combined Ratings Report

Sunday, April 01, 2018 1:00 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Front & Finish®
2017 Rally Combined Rating System
Compiled by Dave Pluth
Ratings Editor

Tracie Kolnsberg & Jelly Bean Top The List
Second Year in a Row!

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It is a sincere pleasure to provide the Rally Combined Ratings for the 2017 competition year.  A great deal of work is required to prepare these results for the fancy.  In this regard we are indebted to Dave Pluth (Chaska, Minnesota), who volunteers his time and talent to tabulate these results for the fancy.  Dave’s excellence in providing accurate findings is unparalleled by any previous tabulation method we have ever used.  To date, Dave has provided these results for three years without error.  Considering the thousands of records that must be tabulated this is an impressive feat.  Thank you Dave!

Protocol for Tabulation & Publication

The Front & Finish® Rally Combined Rating System ranks dogs and handlers competing in AKC Rally Advanced and Excellent all breed competition.  Among teams that place in these classes, one point is earned for each dog defeated.  For example in a class of twenty competing teams the first place winner would earn 19 points as it defeated this number of other dogs.  The team in second place would receive 18 points, the third place team would earn 17 points, and the fourth place team would earn16 points.  After points in each class are determined they are compiled across a given competition year.

Ratings are published by Front & Finish® listing the top ten dogs ranking highest across all breeds (Top Ten All Breed), the top ten dogs ranking highest within their respective groups (Top Ten By Group), and the top ten dogs ranking highest by breed (Top Ten By Breed).  All dogs tying for a given position are listed. Dogs are listed with the recognized AKC titles they received during the competition year and may not reflect current titles at the time of publication.  

Click Here To View The Entire Front & Finish® Rally Combined Report

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