Playing By The Rules

By Catherine Zinsky

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  • Wednesday, January 01, 2014 12:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Written by Catherine Zinsky

    AKC has once again made some changes that directly impact exhibitors at Obedience and Rally Trials , one of the changes being to the  ‘move-up.’   The move-up allowed exhibitors to move up into a higher class even after the closing date of the trial.  This move-up is now referred to as a ‘transfer’.  The transfer is somewhat broader in scope—and it even comes with its own form.

    Previously an exhibitor was permitted to enter the same class as often as they wanted (naturally!), but once the trial closed the exhibitor had to show in that class no matter what.  Then came the ‘move-up’.  

    The move-up allowed you to enter a class as often as you wanted, but then gave you the option of changing to a higher class even after the trial’s closing date.  Specific rules applied, of course, but it was possible. 

    Entering multiple trials in the same class provides a buffer—a safety margin—in case the title isn’t earned in say the first three trials that are entered.  But once the title was won, with the addition of the move-up the entrant could then move up each trial day into a higher class if so desired.  The move-up could be made after entries had closed!

    In other words, the team would not have to keep showing in their new titled class simply because they were entered and the trial was past its closing date. Naturally the team could continue to show in the new titled class if that’s what they wanted to do.  A move-up is not required!   But the option was available.    The entrant could technically ‘move up’ into a higher class and use those extra future entries to compete towards a newer title.  

    For example:  Say I am starting my new dog in Novice B.  I enter 6 upcoming trials.  But at trial # 4 we earn our title.  My dog is trained for Open, and I really would like to get going on his CDX.  I simply fill out a ‘move-up’ request saying we want to move from Novice B to Open A,  and get it to the trial secretary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the trial.  I will fill out this request for EVERY UPCOMING TRIAL until a move-up is no longer necessary.  Easy. 

    Okay. Note that the above example is of a ‘move-up’: the team is moving into a higher class, from Novice into Open.  

    But now AKC is permitting ‘transfers’.  A transfer is broader.   A transfer means that not only can a team ‘move-up’ (meaning into a higher class), but a team can also go side-wise:  a team can ‘transfer’ from an A to a B class.   This new rule applies to both Obedience and Rally.

    What this means is that if you are entered in Open A, for example, and you decide you would really rather show in Open B for whatever reason, you may.  Simply present your request for this transfer to the trial secretary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each trial that you have entered in Open A.  

    Providing a reason for the transfer is not required.  You merely present the request for the transfer.  The reasons are entirely your own and do not concern anyone but you.  

    It’s important to know that transfers from an ‘A’ to ‘B’ class at the same level are allowed provided the host club allows transfers!    The host club is supposed to state in its premium whether transfers will or will not be permitted.  If this is not stated in the club’s premium list, then the club must allow transfers.  

    Naturally if the class that a team wishes to transfer into is full, the transfer request will necessarily be denied.  That’s patently obvious.  Also, the class a team wishes to transfer into must be one that is offered: a club is not required to open up a new class to satisfy a transfer request!  Again, this is only logical.

    Clearly, a team must be eligible for the transfer.  A team can’t transfer, for example, from Novice B to Utility A without first completing an Open title.  The team must satisfy the eligibility regulations for the class it wishes to transfer to.  

    Let me repeat:  a transfer request MUST be in writing and presented to the superintendent or trial secretary at least 30 minutes before the start of EACH trial.  

    So if you want to transfer for an entire show weekend, you must make out the transfer request for each day. This is your responsibility, not the superintendent’s or the trial secretary’s.  They are not there to ‘assume’ you want the transfer every day.  The transfer request for each day is your job.  The superintendent or trial secretary merely processes it.

    Good luck and happy trialing!

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