"Constructive" Suggestions Are Good

Monday, August 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Below is an analogy I would like you to ponder for a bit. In reading only a few of the obedience internet lists which I am on, it stuns me when I read negative comments aimed at the AKC, and our sport in general, from time-to-time. "Constructive" suggestions are good, but there are times when the negative comments go way over the top, IMO. Such shoot-from-the-hip comments (many times without FACTS) are hurting our sport. We need to be more thoughtful of the posts we make, or comments made to the general public. If we are not careful we will be turning off many who may be future participants and our future new friends. As stated so many times before, the future of our sport is in the hands of the novice.

As an analogy, think of our sport as a sailing ship on the high seas, if you will. With each cannon shot (negative comment) we aim and fire at the hull of our ship may result in sinking the ship. Choose your comments wisely so our ship and crew will sail into the future and not end up at the bottom of a negative sea. As I was taught in the service (USCG), "Loose lips sink ships!"

Let me suggest installing a longer fuse in the negative cannon, cease fire, and work to "enlist" new "sailors" on our ship. Becoming involved in saving and maintaining our ship is like polishing the ship's brass. It can be work at times, but ever so rewarding when it shines in the sun. It is time for us to concentrate a little more on saluting our ship and welcoming new "sailors" aboard!

Our ship has been sailing the seas since its launch in 1936. There have been times over the years when she goes back into dry-dock to be updated, but when she returns to the high seas there are always those who love taking shots at her once again, and then run off to board another ship. Keep in mind, our ship is the next to the oldest ship on the high seas, only surpassed by the ship of Conformation. Let's take care of her, treat her with respect, and keep her brass polished and shining in the sun!

WELCOME Aboard and smooth sailing into the future!

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