Insights Into Judging Obedience ~ Part III

Saturday, October 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

To assist you in your apprenticing for becoming an obedience judge, observe how a Judge sets up and marks their ring for the different classes, plus judging position(s) during the various exercises. Take notes go over them with the Judge if time permits.

1) Size of the ring for the class(es) being judged for the day.
2) The marks put out in the ring when setting up for the different classes.
3) Placement of the judge’s table.
4) Ring gate as it relates to heeling pattern and the different exercises.
5) Placement of jumps and checking the equipment.
6) Heeling pattern(s)--Is your pattern fair to all breeds and handlers? Is it choppy?
7) Are the Fast, Slow and Halts adequate and fair to all breeds?
8) Positions and movements during the heeling pattern--observing the most possible!
9) Position during the different exercises- is a reason for where the Judge stands.
10) Calling of Judge’s orders--correct orders, timing the giving of the order.
11) Instructions to the stewards.
12) Posted materials at ringside.
13) Worksheets and charts to assist in making quick notes for scoring and feedback.
14) Group exercises:
a.) Group worksheet for scoring and notations for qualifiers and non-qualifiers.
b.) Handling group issues.
c.) Instructions to handlers and stewards.
d.) Find out where the out of sight area well be BEFORE you start judging the class.
15) Note handler and dog errors between exercises that are scorable (also during Groups).
16) Checking the items the handler presents for the different classes and when to check.
17) Observing the dog and handler while in the ring at ALL times from entering to exiting.
18) Judge’s Book--filling out the Book, who to give it to and when to turn it in.
19) Announcements, Awards and presenting the placements to the audience.
20) What’s in the briefcase? “Tools of the trade” so you are prepared.

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