Carrying Your Dog in the Ring

Wednesday, February 01, 2017 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

I have noticed a little bit of confusion with the Regulation change where a dog may now be carried while in the ring. Yes, there was a change on December 1, 2015 in this regard, but there are stipulations when it may or may not take place. So, if you choose to pick up your dog and/or carry it into or out of the ring make sure when it is acceptable, otherwise a substantial deduction may be in order. And remember a substantial deduction is three (3) OR more points; that deduction alone may cost a placement in the final score standings! Let’s take a quick review of the new Regulations and the Chapter and Sections which pertain to the change in verbiage.

Chapter 2, Section 11, Notification and Announcement of Scores.

“After all the scores are recorded for the class or division of the class, the judge will call the qualifying handlers back into the ring. For the awards ceremony, dogs may be picked up and carried into the ring if the handlerdesires.Before awarding the placements, the judge will inform the spectators of the maximum number of points required for a perfect score. After scores of each placement have been announced the judge will tell the other qualifying handlers their scores.”

Chapter 2, Section 22, Praise.

“Praise and petting are allowed between and after exercises, but points will be deducted from the total score for a dog that is not under reasonable control while being praised. There will be a substantial penalty forany dog that is picked up or carried at any time in the obedience ring while under judgment. Note: Adog is under judgment from the time it enters the ring until it leaves the ring.”

Glossary of Terms, Substantial deduction3 points or more

There you have it. When one is in the ring for the individual exercises (or Group exercises) they are being judged from the time they enter the ring until they pass through the exit on the way out. When one comes intothe ring for awards, they are not being judged---there lies the difference.

For me, I will continue to walk with my Saint Bernards into the ring for awards. If I change my mind I will need to go to the gym first to make sure I can lift 180 pounds and hold it for at least 5+++ minutes.

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