Added New Words to the Glossary of Terms + New Judge's Book Procedures

Sunday, May 01, 2016 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Check out the six (6) new words added to the Glossary of Terms (blue). Also check out the complete glossary which may help you better understand the full meaning of specific words used in the Regulations. These twenty-eight (28) defined words describe what a judge is looking for in the performance and knowing them well might be of assistance in your training.

AKC Canine Partners — an American Kennel Club program that is available to spayed/neutered dogs that are not currently eligible for AKC registration, AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS) enrollment, or an AKC Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) number

Brisk, briskly — keenly alive, alert, energetic 

Command — verbal order from handler to dog

Croup the dogs top rump area

Crowding — a dog so close to the handler as to interfere with the handler’s freedom of motion

Directly — immediately, without deviation or hesitation

Down the dog’s body is on the ground; the dog’s weight is off the feet & legs

Drop completely — a down position that would be acceptable for a Long Down exercise

Excused A dog must be excused any time there is aggressive behavior toward another dog, a dog that is lame, unfit to compete, if there is anything attached to it for medical or corrective purposes, bitch in season, dog is not under its handler’s control, handler who willfully interferes with another competitor/dog, a handler training/disciplining a dog in the ring, or a dog that is unable to be examined.

Finish the dog goes from a position in front of the handler to the heel position

Gently — with kindness, without harshness or roughness

Guiding gently by the collar — control of the dog by holding any part of the collar with minimal pressure on the dog’s


Lame — irregularity or impairment of the function of locomotion, irrespective of the cause or how slight or severe

Minor deduction — 1⁄2 point to 21⁄2 points

Mouthing — when a dog chews or rolls the dumbbell in its mouth unnecessarily

Natural — not artificial; free of affectation; what is customarily expected in the home or public places

Order — direction from judge to handler, either verbal or nonverbal

Prompt response — without hesitation, immediate, quick

Regularly trained or instructed — where a dog and/or handler meet on a regular basis for instruction. A regular basis is considered a set pattern of dates, such as monthly or more often.

ReleasedA dog may be released from the group exercises if it has non-qualified in the individual exercises, a dog may be released from further competition in the class for misbehavior, in extreme cases a dog that must be repositioned in the group exercise by its handler may be released. A dog must be released from the group exercises for displaying uncontrolled behavior, if it interferes with another dog or leaves the place where it was left during the first group exercise.

Resentment — resistance, unwillingness

Signal — nonverbal direction from the handler to dog, as described in chapter 2, section 20

Sit the dog has its rear and/or hocks on the ground

Smartly — quickly, vigorously

Substantial deduction — 3 points or more

Training — as related to where a student-handler/teacher-judge relationship is established, with or without


Turn in place — turning in the circle that was occupied by the handler before they started to turn

Withers — highest point of the dog’s shoulder

New procedures and abbreviations to follow when marking the Judge's Book:

In the Open B, Utility B, Preferred Open and Preferred Utility classes the exercises will not be listed; write them in.

If a dog has non-qualified and is "Released" write "NQ-R" ("Non-Qualifying Released") then carry down an "NQ" in the "Total Score" box.

If a handler leaves the ring before completing the exercises, write "HLR" (Handler Left Ring) then carry down an "NQ" in the "Total Score" box.

Verify that all the Group Exercise boxes have been marked accordingly, including a zero for no points off.

Verify that all Miscellaneous Penalty boxes have been marked accordingly, including a zero for no points off.

Verify all absentees have been marked accordingly.

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