Tidbits to Keep in Mind for the Revised Group Exercises

Monday, February 01, 2016 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Any dog or handler, regardless of qualifying/non-qualifying, that has been excused from the ring may not return for the group exercises.

_ Handlers of dogs that have qualified have the option of returning for the group exercises. If the dog is not returning to perform the group exercises it will be marked “absent” from those exercises, same as the current procedure, and a NQ is carried down.

_ Dogs that have non-qualified: If the judge has released the team from performing the group exercises, the dog may not return for groups. Otherwise, those handlers have the option of returning for the group exercise.

_ Each eligible handler is required to notify the table steward of their intention to return for the group exercise after the completion of the individual exercises.

_ Judges have the option of deciding if a set of group exercises will be conducted after a specified number of dogs or if the group exercises will be conducted after the last individual team is judged. Once determined, the judge must post this information at the ring.

_ Leashes are to be attached to the dog’s collar (no slip leads) when coming into the ring for the group exercises or awards.

Novice A & B Classes
The leash remains attached to the dog’s collar and will be dropped or placed on the ground between the dog and handler with the armband weighted as necessary before the exercise begins. If the armband needs to be weighted, Ms. May (Saint Bernard) & Ms. Gemma (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) are demonstrating one way. You may want to enlarge the pdf for a better view of the leash passing through between the armband and leash.

Oh, and will someone inform that Corgi handler the tag “hanging” from the collar needs to be dealt with and there is less than the minimum of 4-feet between the dogs! Good grief, this is not the time to snuggle up to the Saint looking to be “rescued” for not maintaining the Long Sit!

Open A & B & Graduate Novice
The leash will be removed and placed behind the dog with the armband weighted as necessary.

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