Beginner Novice Recall, Scent Discrimination, & Directed Retrieve

Tuesday, December 01, 2015 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

When the new Obedience Regulations come into effect, there will be a few changes to be aware of in order to maintain your “200 scoring account” balance! Note: In the scoring section of the various exercises it may state minor or substantial penalties; these are judgement calls for the Seriousness of the action in question. The fault in question may be from an action by he dog OR handler. Next, there are areas where just a minor deduction is warranted and so stated and the same holds true for the substantial deduction.  In reviewing the changes slated for December 1, let’s peruse the exercises where an actual change in scoring is projected.

Beginner Novice Recall

  1. As the dog is coming into the handler, the handler’s arms and Hands will be required to be handing naturally at their sides, like in the Novice Recall (a foundation exercise). In the AKC’s comments for changes it states, “Consistent language and required in all exercise where dog is coming to front. This will help new exhibitors learn correct and consistent handling from the beginning.” Although the scoring section does not specifically address the amount of a penalty for a handler’s hands not at their side, it is clearly stated in Chapter 2, Section19, “In any exercise  requires that a dog to sit in front, the handler’s arms and hands must hang naturally at the sides until the dog has sat in front. The handler must receive a substantial deduction for not doing so.”
  2. Substantial deductions will be made for a handler’s extra command or signal to come or to sit.” This is a change from a minor or substantial to substantiate the importance of the dog coming when it is called.

Utility (the foundation exercise), Perferred Untility, Plus Graduate Open & Versatility—where applicable

1) Scent Discrimination: With the revisions to this exercise there are now more faults possible, for example:

a.  Dog moving or changing position as the handler is choosing an article.

b.  Handler touching/petting the dog after the exercise has officially begun (new Judge’s first order).

c.  Talking to the dog is allowed only during a specific timeframe; if not in the timeframe it is scorable.

d.  Giving the scent to the dog is allowed only during a specific timeframe. If not in the timeframe it is scorable.

e.  For more detailed information on the revised scent discrimination please refer to Random Little Tidbit #4

2) Directed Retrieve: “Depending on the extent, a substantial deduction up to and including a non-qualifying (NQ) score will be made for a handler who does not turn place, does not face the designated glove, does not give the verbal command to retrieve simultaneously or immediately after giving the direction to retrieve, or for a dog that does not go directly to the designated glove. All applicable penalties listed under the heel free, Novice Recall and the Retrieve on Flat will apply.” The scoring changes made will be: “substantial penalty (currently NQ) for the direction not given simultaneously or immediately following. Plus, substantial penalty for lack of directness, in extreme cases of lack of directness scoring may still result in a NQ.

For more information on judging, examining the exercises and saving other withdrawals form your “200” account, check out and download all the Dog Talk & Random Little Tidbits articles.

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