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Saturday, April 01, 2017 12:30 AM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

This may be old news for some, but in case you have not heard, the American Kennel Club has a judge’s blog for Obedience and Rally on the web (https://akcobedrlyjudges.wordpress.com/about/)! The blog is a very useful tool for covering specifics in the Regulations, plus helpful for keeping up on current topics. Case in point...


  • From the group exercises only if it has non-qualified in the individual exercises.
  • For misbehavior.
  • Dog that must be repositioned in the group exercise.


  • A dog must be released from the group exercises for displaying uncontrolled behavior, if it interferes with another dog or leaves the place where it was left during the first group exercise.
  • If the dog has been released write “NQ-R” (Non-Qualifying Released) then carry down an “NQ” in the “Total Score” box.
  • “NQ-R” does not require the judge to state a reason.


  • Dog relieves itself while in the ring for judging.
  • Handler carries or offers food in the ring.
  • Dog’s performance has not met the minimum requirements.
  • Training in the ring.


  • A dog that is out of control. 
  • Unable to Examine.
  • Any dog unfit to compete – sick.
  • Any dog lame, bandaged or stitched.
  • Bitch in season (attractive/disturbing).
  • A dog that appears dangerous to other dogs (including when lining up for Groups).
  • Handler who abuses their dog or who disciplines their dog in the ring.
  • Handler who willfully interferes with another competitor or competitor’s dog.

Any dog that appears dangerous or aggressive MUST BE EXCUSED

The Judging Procedure for the Judge’s Book for Excused dogs has not changed! All “Excused” dogs require the judge to state a reason in the judge’s book. DO NOT carry down an “NQ” to the Total Score box.

If a dog is “out of control”, it is to be EXCUSED; versus a dog that “demonstrates uncontrolled behavior”, that dog must be Released from returning to the Group Exercises. Likewise, any“misbehavior” that is disruptive enough to remove the dog from the ring, as long as that dog isnot considered dangerous would be “released”.

For additional information regarding marking the judge’s book please see page 119 of the Obedience Judge’s Guidelines.

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