Saturday, September 01, 2018 11:30 PM | Front & Finish (Administrator)

Welcome to the first F&F WebMag!

This month we will start publishing F&F articles on our site that are optimized for small portable devices (such as smartphones).  We call this our WebMag edition and will publish it alongside our usual PDF format.  The goal of this endeavor is to give readers a chance to see if they find this design a valuable resource.

As magazine publishers continue to experiment with different internet technologies, this type of format is starting to emerge as a preference for subscribers because it is much easier to navigate and find the material that interests them.  WebMag formats are "responsive" which means that articles "reflow" to match the screen size in which articles are viewed.  This makes reading content much easier than flipbook formats which require a lot of zooming, panning, and scrolling.

The September issue is our first attempt at setting this kind of format.  We're working like dogs to try and learn it so we can provide our readers this additional functionality.  If the fancy likes it, we'll keep it around.  If not we'll continue to publish our traditional format.

We hope you enjoy this attempt to provide our publication to you for a more enjoyable experience!  It's also something exhibitors can easily access while waiting their turn at a trial!  Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how you like it!  Just click the "Add Comment" link in the bottom left hand corner of this frame.

Bob Self
Front & Finish
The Dog Trainer's News

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