Diane Probst

Saturday, September 01, 2018 11:00 PM | Front & Finish (Administrator)
So many exhibitors across the country can recall a time they were in a ring with her on the back side of the clipboard. She was one of the most compassionate judges and many a team won their first qualifying score or their final score to complete a title in her ring. She was just as excited as the exhibitor was to see them succeed and complete whatever title, be it in obedience or rally. She got into agility with her Poodles and loved that sport as well.

Diane started her life in obedience with Scotties. She put a U.D. on her first ever dog and Scottie. (Tell you just how tenacious she was.) Tykie was one of a kind and Diane brought the best out in him. Her next Scottie, Penny, wasn't as wild about Utility and so achieved her CDX and spot as family loved dog forever. Onward Diane went and got into Poodles. That's the breed we most often associate her with. She LOVED her Poodles! I am proud to have been the breeder on three of her last four Poodles. She was most proud of her CH OTCH MACH Donnchada Fancy Dancer, RE, etc. She persevered with each and every dog ... conquering difficulties with each one of them.

She was one of the most fair competition judges this sport has known. She judged a number of the top obedience competitions across the country. I know of no one who ever thought she was leaning toward one exhibitor or another ... because she wasn't. She judged each performance singularly and objectively. 

As one of her best friends for the past 45 years, I can tell you she was staunch in her beliefs of right or wrong. She was unmovable in her morals. She was going to tell you the truth and she was going to live by the truth no matter what. 

Diane, Bonnie Barry, and I traveled together for many years while we all lived in the Chicago area. She took her fun as seriously as she took her judging. A great sense of humor and a great love of life ... she will always be remembered as one of the human super powers in my life.

I don't believe the essence of a person ever dies. While her human form may be gone, her heart and soul and love will live on forever ... as long as we all remember her and continue to love her. 

Lora Seale 

... the last of the Terrific Trio. Kent Delaney referred to us as the Three Musketeers. May our legacy live forever. Keep the stories and tales a'comin' folks. We were a legend in our own minds.

Twins Judging

Diane & Her Poodles

Diane Awarded a MACH with Tango

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