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In this issue...
F&F Ratings: Top 100 Dogs of  2016
Biscuits & Bones ~ Bud Kramer, Kozy & Luke, National Obedience League ~ Bob Self Jr.
The Training Zone ~ Randomization: Why To Do It, and Why Not ~ Lori Drouin
Playing By The Rules ~ Teaching Your Dog To Do Catch ~ Catherine Zinsky
Doggedly Obedient ~ Coming When Called Is Not An Option ~ Marilyn Miller
Confessions of an Obedience Junkie ~ The Jack In The Box ~ Lauire Lo
Tracking- A Walk Done Nicely ~ Part 3: A Human’s Smell ~ Michael P. Pumilia
A Foray ~ Name Game ~ Janice Gunn
Dogs Self-Trained ~ A Philosophy of Three Basic Exercises ~ Robert Self

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