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For now... Warm up our Delaney Rating Results!

  • 2018 Delaney Rating System ~ Top Team, Lynn Heidinger & Tapper 
  • Cover Story ~ Pat Nevins & Harper
  • Teaching The Retrieve ~ Connie Cleveland-Nolan
  • Teaching The Directed Retrieve ~ "Blind" Retrieve ~ Catherine Zinsky
  • Gravity Creates Scent Traps ~ Michael Pumilia
  • Know Your Dog's Behaviors ~ Marilyn Miller
  • Comfort Limits ~ Deborah Neufeld
  • Resolve ~ Lauire Lo
  • Janice Gunn Profile 200 ~ Joshua Wiggins
  • Blue J's Five Alive CD RAE NAP NJP CGC TDI VAX ~ Deb Fletcher
  • Alice - Picking My Pup ~ Bob Self
  • Random Little Tidbits ~ Judging Procedures from the Regulations ~ John Cox

Now In The March Issue!


2019 Obedience & Rally Trials
March 30th and 31st, 2019

Offering all Regular, Optional,
& Alternative Titling Classes!

Obedience Judges
~ Bonnie Lee ~ Cheryl Pratt ~
~Sharon Ann Redmer ~ Donald Rennick ~

Rally Judges
Cheryl Pratt & Donald Rennick

Premium List Available in February!
BaRay Event Services

What a month to be
Lovin Obedience & Rally!

Hoping all exhibitors
enter under judges
that score with their hearts
as well as their heads!


Dog Training DVD's
Training Support

by Dee Dee Anderson

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Top Ten Novice Rally Teams
See the November Issue for the Complete Report!

1 Carizma T'Seas Mi Passionate Sam RI CGCA TKN Miniature Pinscher V Cipriotti/S Haynes/S Davis-Moorwessel/D L
2 Rishmi Gen. Bull Paxton RA CGC Pembroke Welsh Corgi A Rock
3 American Pioneer RN TKA Border Collie V Dunlap
4 Gaylan's Spellbound Star Catcher CDX BN GN RN OA OAJ NF CGC Golden Retriever D Driscoll
5 They Call Me Mississippi RN CGC TKN Border Collie K Cruise
6 Dax Avax Hof BN RN CGC German Shepherd Dog N Englund
6 Half Moon Unanswered Prayer PCD BN RN CGCA CGCU TKA Golden Retriever C Tisdale
7 Rosehaevens Seventh Inning Stretch BN RA PT ACT1 CGC Collie J Hansrote
7 Mardovar's The Purrfect Run To My Heart CD PCD BN RN CGCA Golden Retriever C Swainamer/D Horowitz
7 Temple & Phipps' Angel Gets Her Wings RN CGC TKP Chihuahua D Brittain
7 Spotlight Vienna Tri Symphony PH PCD BN RN OA NAJ NF CGC TKI Papillon M Harriman
8 Acadia Peace And Quiet CD BN Shetland Sheepdog P Brcich
8 MACH2 Emeline's Caught In The Current CD MXC MJC OF Golden Retriever J Basa/L Basa
9 Kaye's High Velocity RN German Shepherd Dog B Kaufmann
9 Topmast True Grit JH NA NAJ NF CGC Golden Retriever P McKinney/R McKinney
9 Woodstock A Piece Of My Heart BN RN NA NAJ CGCA Havanese J Coleman
10 Elite Count Your Blessings At Wee Croft Border Collie B Gaudette

View the November issue to see the point totals and where fellow exhibitors ranked!

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