Bob Self

Coming Out of the Pandemic

We’re all aware how the past few months (dealing with the coronavirus), has changed our usual way of life. The pandemic has challenged us as never before, basically inflicting a social experiment on all of us. While change can be uncomfortable that doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. Just different.

Why Do We Own Dogs?

Approximately forty-two percent of all households own a dog and there are over seventy-five million individuals who own dogs. While dogs are one of the most beloved companions of man, the majority of owner’s don’t train dogs.

April Comments

Seems like there’s a lot of controversy about the state of our sport today… Although social media increases the level of static, there’s always been active debate among the sport’s supporters.

March Comments

It can be challenging to provide support via email but we’re so lucky to be working with dog trainers.  They naturally accept that growth doesn’t occur along a smooth linear path. 

2018 Dog Trainer’s Survey – Interpretation of the Results

During the week of November 12th through the 19th, 2018, Front & Finish presented a survey to the dog training community. The survey was opened to gain insight into current exhibitor participation and feelings about recent changes affecting the sports of obedience and rally. While information about a variety of registries was collected one primary focus of the study centered on the American Kennel Club.

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