Information about the practice of showing your dog in an obedience or rally trial.

What to Carry in Your Judge’s Case?

A judge’s case is comprised of ones tools of the trade. Many of the items needed for judging are supplied by the judge. It s NOT the obligation of a club, Superintendent or Show Secretary to provide anything other than:

Book Review: Musings On A Balancing Act

As a collection of essays, this slim volume has the feel of a series of casual conversations with an experienced obedience competitor and instructor. Instead of discussing how to train particular exercises, Yunck shares her approach to training and trialing in stand-alone essays that run the gamut from weaning off food to dumbbell fit.

Stuff Happens

Because of the Pandemic, AKC laid off a substantial percentage of their staff and workers. The remaining staff must be overwhelmed trying to keep up amid the chaos. I have always counted on AKC to process the results of my efforts (scores from events), record and send the titles we’ve earned, and they have done a spectacular job.

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