Pilot Program Starting April 1st 2021

The Board VOTED to amend Chapter 2, Section 27 of the Obedience Regulations to allow obedience handlers to use the ‘Fix n’ Go’ option while performing in the ring at obedience trials when a dog’s performance does not meet their expectation. The ‘Fix n’ Go’ concept allows the team to reattempt one individual exercise, and then leave the ring.

Rally Call Sign Exercises

This is the 3rd in a series of the 2021 Advanced Rally articles. We’ll be discussing the seven (7) AKC Rally CALL sign exercises, and how they work. CALL signs are used as distance markers. They show a handler the distance they are to move to continue with the current sign.

What “Stay” Means

A reasonable amount of time is devoted to teaching our dogs to hold a position, which we usually term “stay” or “wait”. I used to teach both stay and wait. Stay meant to hold the position, no matter what. Wait meant to hold the position until otherwise directed. My first Boxer truly understood the difference between the two commands.

What is Your Definition of Success?

I’ve been competing with my 20 month old puppy in Open A. Until we started Open, I could say Daisy had never NQed on anything. Well, I can’t say that anymore. There’s a reason Open A is referred to as the heart-break class. Arguably, it is the biggest jump in training your dog will ever make.

Coming Out of the Pandemic

We’re all aware how the past few months (dealing with the coronavirus), has changed our usual way of life. The pandemic has challenged us as never before, basically inflicting a social experiment on all of us. While change can be uncomfortable that doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. Just different.

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