Course Practice

If you’re interested in learning about AKC Rally, you may already have a dog that can do the required skills, as long as you, too, can perform the required skills. The hardest thing about Rally is for you, the handler, to perform the skills and know how to help your dog to do their part. If you make a mistake, so does your dog. Most of the deductions in Rally are caused by the Handler!!!

The Three Jumps In Rally

In class one night last month our trainer had a mini course set up. The wording on the jump confused me. I asked Staci if this was the jump where you have to send the dog over and he returns back to you in heel position?

UKC Rally Program

In this issue, I would like to introduce the UKC Rally Program. The revised program went into effect on July 2, 2020 with the addition of many new signs and a completely new level.

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